Monday, 25 August 2014

Skin Pigmentation

Skin pigmentation is also called vitiligo. This vitiligo works as a destroyer of melanocytes ( these are the cells which make this pigment ) which are present in the skin as a result the skin becomes dull, different patches appear on the skin as well, pigmentation simply means coloring. This disorder effects the color of skin, there are many faces of skin pigmentation in which some of them are mentioned below:

1. Age spots.
2. Chloasma.
3. Keratosis.
4. Melasma.
5. Marks.
6. Problem in skin cells.
7. Darker skin.

Skin pigmentation results in stress and emotional disorders, lack of confidence in society, embarrassment and loneliness etc. Is someone see any changes in the color of the skin, he/she should consult the doctor or experts.

Causes Of Skin Pigmentation :

1. White spots on the skin are mostly seen before skin pigmentation.
2. Nervus depigmentosus.
3. Pityriasis Alba.
4. White scars.
5. Hypopigmentation.
6. Sun burns also causes skin pigmentation.
7. Deficiency of vitamins and nutritions.
8. Lack of water in the body.

If you are one of those who are experiencing brownish color of skin or darker color then before, different patches on your skin the, you may be suffering from it and which is a common complaint known as skin pigmentation. There are many factors that can instigate skin pigmentation to occur.

Symptoms Of Skin Pigmentation :

Following are the symptoms which are mostly seen are:
1. Change in tone of skin.
2. Darker look.
3. Hypopigmentation.
4. Depigmentation.

What is hypopigmentation?

When the level of skin's pigmentation losses its actual position for example skin becomes darker day by day but slow in process due to loss of pigments.

What is depigmentation?

Depigmentation is a total loss of skin pigment.

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